“Mushkegowuk Development Corporation will successfully develop, own and operate significant regional businesses that will benefit the Mushkegowuk Nation and our region’s communities by generating wealth while creating employment and respecting the environment and our traditional cultural principles and values.”

Traditional Values
Forward Thinking

Mushkegowuk Development Corporation (MDC)
is all about working together in creating a strong and
unified corporate culture with all its partners and joint ventures.


Mushkegowuk Development Corporation is activley seeking business partners. You are invited to connect with us. 

Corporate Structure

MDC Corporate Structure

Strategic Approach

To maximize current and upcoming opportunities in our region

To take a regional approach in response to the significant economic leakage areas,
regional service and product gaps, and other emerging business sectors

To establish or secure significant interest in regionally important and sustainable business ventures
that work effectively and supportively with community members, community business corporations,
and other regional entities

To achieve true economic reconciliation through the sincere participation
in the economy through business and employment

About Us

The Mushkegowuk Development Corporation General Partnership develops, owns and operates significant regional businesses that benefit the Mushkegowuk Nation and the Mushkegowuk region’s communities by generating income, creating employment and respecting its environment and traditional cultural principles and values. 

MDC is a regional economic initiative by the owner First Nations who are members of Mushkegowuk Council:
Chapleau Cree  l  Fort Albany  l  Kashechewan  l  Missanabie  l  Taykwa Tagamou Nation  l  Mushkegowuk Council 

 MDC collaborates with the business community and invests in areas that create economic benefits to enhance the local economies. Expertise in management, distribution and financial services allows MDC to offer consultation and other support services that help employment creation, skills development and improved efficiency of operations. First Nations Community organizations, independent retailers and commercial, industrial and institutional businesses turn to MDC for a suite of services including sourcing, supply, distribution and solutions.

MDC is vertically integrated and focussed on four business sectors: Real Estate, Supply of Goods, Project Management and Consulting, and Investments.

Its passionate Board of Directors provides strategic direction, in-depth business acumen and expertise. Board recruitment follows an open competitive process with participation from all communities. Our business model is based on a strategic approach including regional business initiatives, economic relief and working in collaboration with communities.

In 2019, MDC purchased Great North Builder's Supplies located in Moosonee, Ontario. This property, including a retail store, buildings and equipment facilitates MDC’s ability for supply and distribution.

Acquisition of Great North Builder’s Supplies is an opportunity for our people to have access to needed products within the region.” 

- Grand Chief Jonathan Solomon

Mushkegowuk First Nations Partners

Chapleau Cree

Fort Albany


Missanabie Cree

Taykwa Tagamou Nation

Mushkegowuk Council

Our History Timeline


The establishment of this Regional Business Organization (RBO) – the Mushkegowuk Development Corporation – is a key outcome of the Mushkegowuk Economic Development (MED) Project undertaken in 2013. The MED Project focussed on significantly improving the Mushkegowuk region’s approach to Regional and Community Economic Development, resulting in community/political direction received at subsequent organizational tables.


The Mushkegowuk Regional Economic Development working group collaborated on the development of the strategic business plan for the proposed regional business organization. Support through a formal resolution from the Mushkegowuk Council Annual Assembly initiated the pre-operational activities. 


The first Board was established with appointments from the community. This interim Board met to advance the implementation of the Strategic Business Plan. 

The MDC Board is committed to business development and prosperity to the Mushkegowuk Region, including:

  • To maximize current and upcoming opportunities in our region, while taking a regional approach, related to the resource development sector, regional service/product gaps, and other emerging business sectors
  • To establish or secure significant interests in regionally important and profitable business ventures that work effectively and supportively with community members, community business corporations, and other regional entities
  • To develop a strategic mix of business ventures which considers opportunities in key sectors and the traditional economy
  • To act in a position of trust and be responsible for the effective governance of the organization, with an emphasis on: 

    One Vision
    Strategic Leadership
    Be Proactive

Later in the year, the first manager was hired.


The Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs approved the shortlist of six individuals and officially appointed them to the Board at their 1st Annual Shareholder meeting on August 8, 2016. Of this milestone achievement, Grand Chief Jonathon Solomon said, “Sustainable economic development is a critical component of our region’s overall health and we need to make sincere efforts to pursue business opportunities and investments within the region and beyond that contribute to this premise. We have a Board of Directors that are well versed in the business world and I believe they will do well in their role as the Board of Directors for the Mushkegowuk Development Corporation.”


In 2018, MDC acquired an office building in Timmins, leased by Mushkegowuk Council for their employees, situated in Timmins. Building an asset base and mitigating economic leakage were the primary drivers of this purchase.

Project Management and Consulting services work commenced in this year. 


Acquired Great North Builder’s Supplies in Moosonee. The business was a long-standing fixture and served the communities within the region. MDC Supply GP is looking to build on the legacy that founder Jack Hood left behind when he retired and closed the business in 2018. 


In Moosonee, on March 6, 2020 - The partners, contractors, suppliers and community celebrated the Grand Reopening of Great North Builder's Supplies, operated by MDC Supply GP. The store has been a member of Castle Building Centres buying group co-op for over 35 years. The huge buying power of Castle provides the opportunity for our people throughout the region to have access to an expanded product assortment of the building materials, equipment, and hardware they need. MDC Supply GP is actively planning to diversity into other sectors.