Mushkegowuk Development Corporation

Mushkegowuk Development Corporation, General Partner for the Mushkegowuk Regional Economic Development Limited Partnership, is a regional business organization established to create value for its First Nation Partners: Chapleau Cree First Nation; Fort Albany First Nation; Kashechewan Cree First Nation; Missanabie Cree First Nation; Taykwa Tagamou Nation and Mushkegowuk Council.

Chapleau Cree  Fort Albany First Nation  Kashechewan Cree First Nation  Missanabie Cree First Nation  Taykwa Tagamou  Mushkegowuk Council


The Mushkegowuk Development Corporation’s successful business ventures

generate resources to enable each member community to invest in itself -

creating more vibrant, healthy and sustainable First Nation communities.

Our approach to business is to maximize current and upcoming opportunities in our region, related to the resource development sector, regional service/product gaps, and other emerging business sectors:

  • Establish or secure significant interest in regionally important and profitable business ventures that work effectively and supportively with community members, community business corporations, and other regional entities
  • Develop a strategic mix of business ventures that considers opportunities in key sectors and the traditional economy
  • Build and retain economic value within the Mushkegowuk Region to the greatest extent possible
  • Foster the growth of the Omushkego Nation and the Mushkegowuk Cree economy
  • Ensure MDC helps to generate wealth and savings for member communities and community members

MDC Properties

We aim to deliver Property Development and Management solutions that address housing, commercial and institutional building gaps within our region. Solutions that include partnerships with existing organizations and businesses are ideal and support our approach of working together for the benefit of the users and owners at every stage of the development process.

Building an asset base and mitigating economic leakage are primary drivers of our overall business model, with MDC Properties providing this business service.

The purchase of our first office building in 2018 is anchored by tenant Mushkegowuk Council and houses their Timmins sub-office employees. As practiced in the past, First Nation member communities are able to access use of the boardroom and other support services as needed.

MDC Supply GP

Commercial | Industrial | Mining

Welcome to MDC Supply GP, where trust meets performance in the world of commercial and industrial supplies. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we stand as your premier source for a diverse range of products that drive success. From safety supplies to industrial cleaning equipment, commercial building materials, mining consumables, and beyond - let MDC Supply be your first choice as a supply partner!


We are pleased to announce the reopening of Great North Builder's Supplies, operated by MDC Supply GP; situated in Moosonee, Ontario. Prior to MDC Supply acquiring this business in 2019, a 40-year operations milestone was achieved. In March 2020, the business reopened and now continues to offer the region building materials and hardware products and so much more. 

MDC Solutions & Consulting

Building on our strengths and experience working across a diverse range of sectors, our team combines our knowledge of communities, culture and practices to support your consulting and project needs.

Solutions - Project and Contract Management Services
- Project/Contract implementation – workplan development
- Progress/Final Report submissions
- Program evaluations
- Projects of all sizes

Consulting Services 
- Small business support, bookkeeping, business planning
- Funding proposals
- Community engagement

MDC Investments

Investing in opportunities that enhance the economy of our region, mitigate economic leakage, and create wealth and socio-economic benefits (employment and training) for our owner communities.

Investment options: Includes partnerships, equity purchases, joint ventures, acquisitions, and existing businesses who are looking to expand their markets and contribute to our business model within and outside our region in the accommodations, transportation, supply, service and resource sectors.

New entrepreneurs and businesses: We are well versed in new business starts/expansions and can assist with navigating through this process. We envision a relationship that commences with an equity share that can eventually be decreased over time as the business builds capacity and sustains itself. Our aim to is to build the small business economy in the region and increase First Nation business in the mainstream economy. We are actively seeking opportunities and partners. You are invited to connect with us.